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About Hulk Jesus

Hulk Jesus is titled after a blog post of the same name inspired by Matthew 21:12.

I grew up in church. I am told that I attended my first church service when I was about two weeks old. From birth to age 18, I can count the amount of times I missed church on one hand. My parents are pastors, which means, I spent about as much time at my church as I did at my house (which was owned by the church).

During my teenage years, I would try to convince my parents to let me stay home on a Sunday morning and miss church. “I can’t go to church. I’m sick,” I would say through some fake coughs. My mother would reply, “Well, if you’re sick, you really need to be at church so they can pray for you.”


Looking back, I am very grateful for my parents and for my upbringing. Today, my life is centered around my faith in Christ. I have seen with my own eyes the power of his story and how it can drastically change a life for the better–even my own. I long to share it with as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.

For the last eight years I have been blogging my completely random thoughts and insights about being a Christian. I am not a self-proclaimed Christian scholar or expert and I certainly wasn’t one eight years ago. What I am though, is a guy who has a head full of crazy thoughts and a heart that wants to encourage and inspire others. 
 I have compiled a few of my favorite blog posts from the last eight years in this e-book hoping that I can encourage you, inspire you, and maybe make you laugh a little.

I hope you enjoy Hulk Jesus!