In 2016, I read about forty books on money, business, and creativity. I read books on Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and more.

While digging into these books, I caught a glimpse into the minds and hearts of some of the world’s most successful and wealthiest people. I discovered common traits and characteristics that these innovators and entrepreneurs shared. I even put together a book, How to Stay Poor and Miserable, using the principles and knowledge I gained from my studies. These principles helped guide me to my best business and financial year by far.

My book contains 40 points, but if I was honest, I could really sum it all up in one. That’s right… there is one absolutely essential thing that all of the world’s most successful have in common. It is this:


Really? That’s it? You may be thinking.

But, yes. That is it. 

The bottom line: Every super successful person you’ve ever heard of didn’t stop striving for their goals until they achieved them.

You see, everyone’s journey to wealth and prestige is different. Some have some “lucky” moments or events (even though, they really seem to make their own luck). Some have one big idea that makes them billions. Some work for decades to amass their fortune through multiple endeavors. But all of them have at least one thing in common: THEY PERSISTED.

They set goals. And the didn’t stop until they achieved them.

In their case, it was money and business success. But it doesn’t have to be. Goals can be art, ministry, and even family focused!

I have set goals and I have made up my mind that if I simply refuse to quit, there is no way I cannot achieve them. I have my goals in writing. I recite them. I share them with others. Now, all I have to do is not stop.

What about you? Do you have goals? Visions? Dreams?

Write them down. Make them specific. And don’t stop. 

It’s really that simple. Don’t believe me? Read the forty books that I read last year and you’ll see!

And if you don’t feel like it, know that I’ll be starting books review videos in a few weeks! Thanks!


How to Stay Poor and Miserable will be released Spring 2017.