I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Far Flung Tin Can once again. It is the first recording we have done together since To: Gather was done live in Guatemala. The single, Compass, was written by Tobin and Joanne Shoemate. This song truly expresses the heart of Far Flung and it’s members–including me!

If you don’t know Far Flung, the lyrics of the chorus will give you some insight into what we are about:

You’re my compass
You’re my guide
Holy Spirit dwelling inside
I don’t know where You’ll lead me
But I will follow You there
You’re my compass
I’ll follow you anywhere

The single was recorded and produced unbelievably quick and done in different locations. After I had produced a reference track for everyone to record to, the vocals, guitar, and drums were all recorded outside of my studio and sent to me. I am blessed to work with such talented people. J.D. Youngblood can be heard playing drums and Taylor Moenning is sha-redding guitar. The Shoemates provided another outstanding vocal performance, of course.

The song will be available on iTunes & more soon. Until then, listen below!

Compass by Far Flung Tin Can


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