I’m not great with numbers. I mean, I can do some basic arithmetic and accounting (I must with my business and multiple income streams) but all the fancy mathematics they tried to teach me in college didn’t stick very well. I hated the idea of math that involved letters. That’s dumb. I was never great at finding X. I don’t want to find X. I’m not a pirate. That’s what they do. And calculus? Forget it. Look at this junk:

f( x ) = ( x - 3 ) / ( x^2 - 3x - 10 )

What is that? Too many Xs for me.

The good news, for me at least, is that I never once have had to find the y-intercept outside of a classroom. It’s not something I have encountered out here in everyday life. It was important to learn–it helped me with critical thinking and problem solving–but actual calculus is not something I use… ever.

Along with calculus, sometimes I even struggle with really simple math, like counting. But I don’t mean counting numbers. I’m talking about counting blessings. And like Sam Smith, I know I’m not the only one. Philosopher Eric Hoffer said, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” It’s so true.

As artists, entrepreneurs, and people, we can make our lives a lot more enjoyable if we’ll master the arithmetic that enables us to count our blessings. It’s amazing how much progress we can make and not even notice. It’s amazing how many “wins” we can have without even recognizing or enjoying them. It’s a shame that we can reach goals and exceed our own expectations but never stop to appreciate it. We have good jobs, a place to sleep, food in our fridges, beautiful families, and great friends but all we can focus on is the little negative things that don’t even matter. Many times our blessings pile up around us and we never stop to take them all in. It’s sad.

Recently, while recording with a client, I randomly began counting blessings that related to my business. I became overwhelmed at the thought of blessings that had been all around me but that I had failed to notice. I had never realized how much progress I had made with imagindaudio. I had never stopped to notice what almost 12 years of recording and hard work had brought me. The craziest part was realizing that I had become one of the guys that I had looked up to and wanted to be like for so long. I was that business owner, working with multiple clients, signing big contracts, and doing exactly what I loved to do. I had been for a while, I just missed it!

The best part of counting my business blessings was realizing that this business is not even that important to me. I take it serious and I am good at it, but it’s just a recording business. Compared to God, my wife, my family, my friends, my church, and even my dog, the business seems so unimportant. Yet, it is a huge source of blessings. AND it is just one source.

I don’t think you and I could sit down and actually count every single blessing that God has given us. There’s too many to count!

We are so blessed but we spend most of our time unhappy and wanting more. More, more, more! We are on the constant search for something–call it X. We think X will make our lives better. X will complete us. X will make us happy. We spend our days searching for and longing for the X. It will make us rich! It will satisfy us! We have got to find X!

We sound like a bunch of pirates, don’t we?

What treasure are we looking for? If X marks the spot, what is there that you don’t already have? The treasure is all around you. Don’t miss it! You’re standing in it, on it, with it, and next to it. You already have the things that are really valuable and really matter. You just have to stop, notice them, and start counting them. Stop chasing after some mythical treasure and start enjoying the treasures you are ignoring everyday.

If you are reading this, you are blessed, because, if nothing else, you are alive. Start there…

One: I am alive.

Now keep counting!

Whether you’re in a classroom or on the open seas, don’t get consumed with finding X. Just count… your blessings. You’ll find that you’re already surrounded by treasure; real treasure…

Calculus can walk the plank. 


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