I have found the fountain of youth for inspiration. I literally have discovered the secret to being and remaining inspired. I have discovered the cure for writer’s block. I am about to tell you the sure and easy fix–the duct tape–for you inspiration deficiency.


I know this is going to sound like some Reading Raindow crap, but inspiration hides between the front and back covers of every book ever written. You should have listened to LeVar Burton all those years.

I know videos, blogs (like this), seminars and all that stuff can inspire too, but to me, there’s something special about a book. I have pulled books out of the free bin outside my local bookstore that have literally changed my life. Books I have never heard of, from authors I didn’t know existed. It’s amazing.

Less than three months ago, I pulled a business book out of the free bin at 2nd & Charles and I read it the same day. Less than a week later, I had a meeting with a potential recording client and I used two or three ideas that I got from the book. I earned their business despite going up against the biggest, most well-known studio in my area. They signed a contract with me that was almost half of the yearly salary I receive from my full-time job.

One free book. A couple of ideas. One huge contract.

And there are more books than anyone could ever read in a lifetime. That means I have an endless well of inspiration to draw from. Sa-weet.

Why do I think books inspire so much better than other things? Blogs are easy to write. Vlogs are easy to make. Podcasts don’t take much effort. Seminars usually make people money. But for someone to write a book, they’ve got to be inspired.

A friend of mine wrote a book that took him 17 years to complete. He had no agent, no publisher and no guarantee that anyone would ever read it. But he wrote it because he was inspired.

In a sense, books are inspiration.They are passion. They are creativity. And when you sit down with one, your creativity feeds off of it.

I know this is true because when I read books, it even inspires those around me. I know so many people who claim they don’t like to read but those same people get so inspired by just listening to me talk about a book I just finished. I’m in the car with people who “can’t read books” all the time and they will sit intently for an hour while I talk about one. People don’t even really listen to you when you talk about your favorite show. But when you talk about a book? They react and receive it very differently.

Don’t believe the lies… Everyone likes to read. It’s just that people don’t like putting in effort to do things. They like shutting their brains off. Netflix is easier than reading. But if you’re an artist, Netflix, nor anything else, will ever inspire you like a book will. Books exercise your brain and entertain you at the same time.

Read books more. It just takes a tiny amount of effort. You can do it. You can be the artist you want to be. You can be endlessly inspired.

You can be anything. Just take a look, it’s in a book…

Reading Rainbow.