Here’s a tip for artists: Stop asking people what they think of your art.

It doesn’t matter what they think because if it’s your art it is two things:

  1. Yours
  2. Art

Stop looking for approval. How can people approve of something that you created? What are they comparing it to? Other people’s art? What’s the point in comparing art to art?

Instead of asking people what they think of your art, tell them what to think of your art.

While reading about business and sales, I often come across a reoccurring theme: customers don’t know what they want or need. You have to tell customers what they want. You have to tell them what they need. It’s not that people are stupid, they are just distracted by a thousand other things in their life.

People that you share your art with aren’t stupid or unimaginative, they just really don’t give a flip about your art. They have bills, meetings, and baby momma drama. And you’re trying to get them to focus on a poem (or something). They don’t care about your poem, your song, your painting, your book, your photo or your sculpture.

This doesn’t mean your creation is useless. It also doesn’t mean that they don’t want or need your creation. They just don’t know that they want it. They don’t know that they need it.

Tell them.

Which leads to another point: Why do people want and need your art? Do you even know?

For example, I don’t ask people for their opinion of my book. I tell people why they want and need it. I tell them that my book will inspire and encourage them. I don’t tell them it might make them laugh, I tell them it will make them laugh. I don’t tell them it could enrich their life, I tell them it will. I basically tell them they like my book, even before they open it. I convince them that they need and want it. It works.

And this just doesn’t apply to your art, it applies to YOU.

Stop asking people their opinion of you and start telling people who you are. If you write, you don’t want to be a writer, you are a writer. If you make music, you don’t want to be a producer, you are a producer. And so on…

If you do this with the right tone and with a humble heart, no one will think badly of you.

I use to feel weird about calling myself an author. But I wrote a freakin’ book.

I’m an author.

And you want my book.

See how it works?

Fellow creators…

Stop asking questions. Start making statements.